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Commercial & Residential Polished Concrete Flooring Perth

Revitalising living areas across the city.
How you design your home is a reflection on you and can go great lengths in creating the right atmosphere. Polished concrete is one of Perth’s most popular options for indoor and outdoor surfaces — chosen for its ability to add a touch of seamless style and elegance to the area. We can help you choose an option based on the existing interior and exterior design of your home to make sure everything comes together to create the right look.
We lay concrete for benches, floors and many other surfaces
The best part about this option is its versatile applications: it can be used for splashbacks, bench tops, columns and just about anything else to achieve the look that you need. Carpets and timber tend to lose colour and require continuous upkeep while polished flooring made from concrete is low maintenance and highly durable. This means you can enjoy its beautiful contribution to the architecture of your home for years to come without needing frequent repairs.
Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, outdoor entertaining area or anywhere else you like! It doesn’t matter what you need, just ask our experienced team and we can always find a way to achieve the result you are looking for.
Using tried and tested techniques for the best possible finish
Instead of the standard coating of cement on top, we leave the exposed flooring as is to reveal the natural colours and crushed stone in the mix. We then repeatedly cut back the surface with a fine grind until it is polished completely smooth or when we reach the specific grit that you require. The job is then finished up with a seal to help protect it from stains and leave a long-lasting shine.
We’re here to help
If you have any enquiries or would like to receive a free quote on polished concrete floors in Perth, all you need to do is dial 0400 579 355, and we’ll be more than happy to chat. You can also email us at to get a prompt response in writing. Look forward to hearing from you soon!
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